Good office security requires everyone's cooperation. For your protection, please help by observing the following:

  • Never leave your reception area unattended.
  • Corridor doors should be closed at all times. Be certain that all doors are locked when you close your office or leave the reception area unattended. Be particularly vigilant before or after normal working hours, and during lunch and coffee break periods.
  • Advise employees never to leave purses or other valuable items on or under desks. Cash, stamps, blank checks, and portable dictating equipment should be secured in locked cabinets or desks.
  • It is suggested that all items of value should be engraved where the engraving can be easily observed without dismantling the object. This greatly increases the risks burglars and thieves must take to steal your property.
  • If an employee leaves your firm under adverse conditions without turning in his/her keys, notify the Building Office at once to request rekeying the locks. (This service would be a charge to your company.)
  • Be suspicious of people who might enter your office area to ask for directions or to fill out job applications.
  • Out of respect for your privacy and building security, American Realty Advisors and Cushman & Wakefield U.S., Inc. prohibit solicitation in its buildings. Please notify the Building Office whenever there are any solicitors in your building.
  • Demand to see proper identification of anyone who represents himself as a public utility employee, cleaner, etc., before giving the person access to any areas of the building under your control.
  • Report any malfunctioning lock or door closer immediately to the Building Office.

After-Hours Security

The management personnel have been instructed that under no circumstances shall they ever unlock a tenant’s door, or grant access to any tenant or employee, tenant contractor, or tenant vendor. Please arrange for an authorized employee to provide access for such people.


Out of respect for your privacy, we do not allow solicitation of any kind within the Office Building Project. We would appreciate your help in this regard by notifying the Building Office of any solicitors within your office.

Phone: 202-682-3101