The following are the Lessor’s Rules and Regulations which are referred to in the Lease, and the Lessee agrees that its employees and agents, or any others permitted by Lessee to occupy or enter Premises, will at all times abide by them.


Lessor shall not be liable for the non-observance of said rules and regulations by any other tenant. The following rules and regulations shall apply to the Premises, the Office Building Project, and the appurtenances thereto:

  1. Lessee shall not suffer or permit the obstruction of any Common Areas, including driveways, walkways and stairways.
  2. Lessor reserves the right to refuse access to any persons that Lessor in good faith judges to be a threat to the safety, reputation, or property of the Office Building Project and its occupants.
  3. Lessee shall not make or permit any noise or odors that annoy or interfere with other lessees or persons having business within the Office Building Project.
  4. Lessee shall not keep animals or birds within the Office Building Project, and shall not bring bicycles, motorcycles or other vehicles into areas not designated as authorized for same, except for assistance dogs for the disabled, or wheelchairs or electric or motorized vehicles for individual transport of disabled persons.
  5. Lessee shall not make, suffer or permit litter except in appropriate receptacles for that purpose.
  6. Lessee shall not alter any lock or install new or additional locks or bolts on the doors or windows of the Premises.
  7. Lessee shall be responsible for the inappropriate use of any toilet rooms, plumbing or other utilities. No foreign substances of any kind are to be inserted therein.
  8. Lessee shall not deface the walls, partitions or other surfaces of the Premises or Office Building Project.
  9. Lessee shall not suffer or permit anything in or around the Premises or Building that causes excessive vibration or floor loading in any part of the Office Building Project.
  10. Furniture, significant freight and equipment shall be moved into or out of the building only with the Lessor’s knowledge and consent, and subject to such reasonable limitations, techniques, and timing, as may be designated by Lessor. Lessee shall be responsible for any damage to the Office Building Project arising from any such activity.
  11. Lessee shall not employ any service or contractor for services or work to be performed in the Building, except as approved by Lessor.
  12. Lessor reserves the right to close and lock the Building on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, and on other days between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. of the following day. If Lessee uses the Premises during such periods, Lessee shall be responsible for securely locking any doors it may have opened for entry.
  13. Lessee shall return all keys at the termination of its tenancy and shall be responsible for the Cost of replacing any keys that are lost.
  14. No window coverings, shades or awnings shall be installed or used by Lessee other than the Building standard windows shades.
  15. No Lessee, employee or invitee shall be allowed upon the roof of the Building.
  16. The Building is designated as a non-smoking facility. Lessee shall not suffer or permit smoking or carrying of lighted cigars or cigarettes in areas reasonably designated by Lessor or by applicable governmental agencies as non-smoking areas.
  17. Lessee shall not use any method of heating or air conditioning other than as provided by Lessor.
  18. The Premises shall not be used for lodging or manufacturing, cooking or food preparation (microwave ovens for Lessee’s personal use excepted).
  19. Lessee shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation regulations established by Lessor or any applicable governmental agency.
  20. Lessor reserves the right to waive any one of these rules and regulations, and/or as to any particular Lessee, and any such waiver shall not constitute a waiver of any other rule or regulation or any subsequent application thereof to such Lessee.
  21. Lessee assumes all risks from theft or vandalism within the Premises and agrees to keep its Premises locked as may be required.
  22. Lessor reserves the right to make such other reasonable rules and regulations as it may from time to time deem necessary for the appropriate operation and safety of the Office Building Project and its occupants. Lessee agrees to abide by these and such rules and regulations.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

  1. No Lessee, or any person or firm associated with the Lessee, shall at any time bring or keep upon the Premises any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, chemical or substance other than typical office cleaning supplies.
  2. Lessee shall immediately notify Lessor and the Building Office of any serious breakage, sickness, fire or disorder which comes to Lessee’s attention, either in a tenant area or in any common area of the Building.
  3. IMMEDIATELY, upon hearing the fire signal, each person will:
    1. Pick up wearing apparel and personal belongings; do not carry umbrellas or other large objects with you.
    2. Walk - DO NOT RUN-to the nearest stairway, enter, and proceed to exit the Building. Do not use the elevators. Do not linger. Keep moving.
    3. You will be advised when it is safe to re-enter the Building. Anyone discovering a fire will follow the directions posted on each fire alarm box, and then station himself or herself outside the Building to direct the responding fire equipment to the location of the fire.
  4. Lessee shall not permit the use of any device or instrument within its Premises that would be disturbing to normal sensibilities of other tenants. This includes sound reproduction systems, television sets, phonographs, radios or excessively bright, changing, flashing, flickering or moving lights, which are audible or visible beyond the confines of Lessee’s Premises. No Lessee shall make any unseemly or disturbing noises or disturb or interfere with occupants of the Office Building Project or neighboring buildings or Premises or those having business with them, whether by the use of any musical instrument, radio, talking machines, whistling, singing or in any other way. No Lessee shall throw anything out of the doors or window or down the corridors or stairs of the Building.
  5. Lessor will not repair or maintain suite finishes which are non-standard, such as kitchens, bathrooms, wallpaper, special lights, etc. However, should the need arise for repairs of items not maintained by Lessor, Lessor will, upon request, arrange for the work to be done at Lessee’s expense.
  6. Lessee is responsible for care and maintenance of its own fire extinguishers, the number and size being determined by the code of the Arlington County Fire Department. Such extinguishers shall be checked and recharged annually at Lessee’s expense.
  7. The use of space heaters is strictly prohibited in the Office Building Project for fire and life safety reasons. The Lessor will remove any space heaters found in the Building.

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